Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Penurious Promoter #3 -- How to prepare for an audio-media interview

My problem and some good advice

So much to think about is a little overwhelming. But, it is basic common sense. Be prepared – check. Know your subject – check. Have a couple of little sound bites – check. Be conversational, animated and at ease – problem!

I’m not a great speaker. My forte is the written word where I have time to think, collect my thoughts and seek out the best words. When reduced to verbal communication only, my IQ drops to half it’s normal score. Nope – not a great orator. This self-knowledge makes me nervous.

I have spoken in public on many occasions, though and to a large live audience. How did I do it? I prepared my words ahead of time, practiced my delivery many times over, walked to the podium with an affected air of confidence, stood on quivering knees and went into autopilot. Seriously. I did not imagine the audience naked (God forbid!) or stare at the tops of their heads, or any of those other things speakers are often told to do. I didn’t see them. I didn’t see anything. The words flowed out of their own accord while I was in a fugue state. Possibly not the best solution and probably why I long ago decided my career in the public eye was limited. To say the least.

I suffer from extreme stage-fright.

So, having shared this serious personal limitation with a few friends, I’ve been given the following advice: If possible, have a trusted friend sit in the same room while I am interviewing by telephone. Pretend I am talking only to that friend and forget about the audience entirely. I am having a simple conversation.

Good advice. (And thanks, Dallas.)

End result?

So, now knowing so much about my neurotic fear of public speaking, you may be curious as to whether or not I can overcome my handicap and do a decent interview.

Will she? Won’t she? 

If you want to tune in and see if I fly or flop, here’s the place and time:

Jo-Anne Vandermuellen,

Hope some of you can join us.

Of course, I’ll be busy pretending you’re not there.

Sincerely yours,

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