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The Penurious Promoter #2 -- What other authors are doing to market their books

The Penurious Promoter #2 -- What other authors are doing to market their books


Welcome to the second article in the Penurious Promoter series. There's a lot of information here in this fairly lengthy article. I've spent considerable time chatting with other authors and asking for their input into the whole promotion and marketing issue. This article sets out what authors are currently doing to promote their work. It will be followed by a series of 'how-to' hubs, giving a step-by-step map as to how to go about it -- or at least how I and other authors have gone about it.
Promotion requires creativity. I'd love to hear your ideas in the comment section. Lynda

Selling books proves to be a real tough job

“I am published with two novels and hoping for my third this year. Selling books proves to be a real tough job. Definitely tougher than creating them. I still don't see an effective and inexpensive way of promoting a book...”
This is the quandary faced by most authors these days, whether self-publishing, publishing through a small press, or through the traditional big-houses. Let’s face it, unless you’re a big-name, sure-thing the money allotted to your promotional campaign will be limited. Or nil.

We need to invest in our own work
‘Writers write, not sell’ insist those still living in yesteryear. If only that were true! Another old-fashioned idea: "writers get paid; they do not pay."


Did you think that advance (if you got one) was intended for you to take a cruise? No! If you’re smart, you’ll invest that money in your own book. If you didn’t get one, and you probably didn’t if you’re with a small press, certainly not if you’re self-publishing, and you’re on a limited budget (penurious) then this series is for you.

No, we need to invest in our own work, if not money (cause we have none) effort. What are other authors doing to promote their work, and is it working for them?

I began by asking authors to comment on their book promotion experiences and plans for the future.

For the rest of the article, click HERE.

I hope this is of help. It certainly is for me, if for no other reason than forcing me to get my ideas together.

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