Friday, September 10, 2010

Allow me to present a true story of strength, healing and courage:

Allow me to present a true story of strength, healing and courage:

(Brought over from my old blog page, originally posted August 25, 2010)

I racked my brain for a week, trying to decide on a good subject for my first blog. It seemed such a momentous decision, as though it would set the tone for all that was to follow. I started several times but none of my attempts seemed right.

Then the contents of my inbox solved the problem for me.

The first was from the editor of hubpages, a popular on-line publishing site, telling me one of my favorite writers, Deborah Demander from Wyoming had published a new hub. The title was “Letter to a Molester.” Of course, such a subject drew my attention immediately.

Never have I read such an eloquent and poignant address from a grown victim, directed through time to her childhood molester. In a later comment on one of my articles, she says she never told anyone at the time, and when she did as an adult speak of it, her confidante did not believe her.

Her lovely prose speaks of her embarrassment, her shame and her fear, and of growing up in the shadow of misplaced blame – like so many others. But Deborah found salvation in love and her family.

She speaks of watching her own daughters as they approached the age she’d first been accosted – eight -- and thinking of their innocence and praying it remain. She tells her molester, clearly, what she thinks of him now, and wisely decides to put the past in the past and move on.

There have been readers of This Bird Flew Away, who suggest my story is overly optimistic. I’ve never thought so. To these I say, read Deborah’s Letter to a Molester and you will read the words of a real-life heroine, whose strength rivals the fictitious Bria.

Here is the link to Deborah’s beautiful article. The Prairie Sage: Letter to a Molester

I heartily recommend it.

Sincerely yours,


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